Autumn trekking and excursion adventure

Did you know that the highest peak in chamonix is 4808m tall?


Autumn trekking and excursion adventure

Our Autumn trekking adventures take place from the 22nd of september until the 7th of November. The trip lasts for 8 days in total and has a program filled with activities! On the first day we arrive at the hotel at around 18:30 and settle in. The next day we leave at the hotel at around 10:00 and go meet our guides which will explain the routes that they have planned especially for you, also they will hand out the equipment needed for the trek. After that we are going to take a bus and go visit some of the impressive lakes that are located in chamonix. During the next few days we will be hiking and exploring the gorgeous scenery of the mountains. On the second to last day we will visit the well renowned marketplace and you will be able to purchase many souvenirs. On the last day you will be given the whole of the day up until 17:00 to go hiking on your own to whichever and explore the places that interest you with even more freedom and detail. After that we will be taking a bus to the airport where we will have to sadly say goodbye, and hope that you enjoyed our trip as much as we did having you with us on this journey.

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