About Us

About Us,

TravelGurus is a 5-star travel agency that originates from France. It's goal is to provide it's travellers with ultimate and alternative traveling experiences in Chamonix, France. TravelGurus is one of the most iconic travel agencies in France, it has great history, some of the highest ratings and premium accommodation. The guides and staff of the agency are very welcoming and are specially trained in order to give you the best experience possible.

Founded in 1981 by Pierre Bordeleau and Luke Abbadie, two inspiring travel agents, TravelGurus has had ever growing success in the area of travelling. It is top choice for most experienced travelers and has received more than 173,000 five star reviews. All the things provided on the trips are top quality. The travel agency keeps growing to this day on it's 40th anniversary. Since it's the agency's 40th anniversary! it will be celebrating by giving all it's customers a 10% discount on all travel programs.